Andre Cronje Plans Fantom To Pivot On Dapp Ecosystem Expansion In 2023

Andre Cronje Plans Fantom To Pivot On DApp Ecosystem Expansion In 2023

Earlier this month, Andre Cronje, Chairman of Fantom, hinted toward incentivizing DApp ecosystem expansion. He commented, “Fantom will become the youtube/twitch of blockchain platforms.”

On December 26, Andre Cronje shared a letter to the Fantom Foundation team. Cronje expressed his vision for Fantom for 2023, proclaiming his interest in the DApp ecosystem expansion. Further, he announced that he would join the board of directors team for Fantom Operations Ltd. and Fantom Foundation Ltd. 

Cronje also shared his vision on a couple of topics, like gas monetization. The new plan will enhance the revenue model for DApps based on gas. Cronje wants to create a long-term income source for DApp teams, similar to Youtube and Twitch. Along with that, gas subsidies are added to gas monetization. It will help to make onboarding smoother. 

Other areas of the 2023 roadmap include merging smart contracts and EOA accounts. These merged contracts will be able to initiate transactions and purchase gas. This change will enable tokens other than FTM to utilize them as gas fees. Regarding Middleware, Cronje aims to build a Fantom Virtual Machine in 2023.

The funding and grant opportunities would benefit DApp teams a lot. The recent Gitcoin integration and ecosystem fund would help Fantom to fund the DApp teams. However, Cronje stated that every funding should primarily focus on network transaction fees.

Lastly, Cronje said, “I have been formally nominated and accepted a position as a member of the Board of Directors for both Fantom Foundation Ltd and Fantom Operations Ltd. We wish you all a fantastic end of 2022. We are very excited and optimistic about Fantom for 2023. We believe going into 2023, we have the best positioning we have ever had, and we fully plan to press our advantage aggressively during this time.”

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