Cardano Emerges As Top Blockchain Protocol With Record-Breaking Development Activity In 2022

Cardano Emerges As Top Blockchain Protocol With Record-Breaking Development Activity In 2022

Cardano has outperformed Ethereum and seven more altcoins in terms of development activity. 

Santiment, the renowned crypto analytics platform, continually assesses several parameters. These analytics update people about developments and activities in the Crypto space. It has recorded all the development activities of different platforms in its GitHub repositories. 

According to Santiment, more development activities positively sign blockchain protocol. Besides, these roll out new features for user convenience and bring several benefits. 

Santiment recorded the highest development activity of 2434 commits on GitHub in 2022. Polkadot bagged second place with 2065 commits, whereas Cosmos Hub had 1622. The renowned Ethereum altcoin secures the fourth position with 1485 commits. Polygon has tenth place on the list. 

It would be interesting to see whether Cardano maintains the pace or if someone else outperforms it in 2023. Aptos (APT) stood 9th on the list. The most striking fact is that it had the highest development activity before its deployment. Platforms often ensure more significant development before release but don’t continue with the pace. Yet, if Aptos users are satisfied with the features and maintenance, there’s nothing much to bother about.

Unlike previously, when Solana also secured a good position in the list, its metrics have declined this year. Moreover, Solana continuously records suitable development activities, so it may hustle more to keep pace.

Besides, it would be worth watching whether Cardano maintains the record this year also or not. Moreover, amidst the liquidity crisis and crypto price crash, it would be challenging for different platforms to execute more developments. 

What do you think if Binance buys Voyager Crypto, its development activity would be more in the initial phase? 

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