Consensys Aims To Reserve Metamask User Data For Only Seven Days

ConsenSys Aims To Reserve MetaMask User Data For Only Seven Days

ConsenSys published a clarification to deal with rising problems about user data privacy. And declares its strategies to compile and possess sensitive user data for seven days.

Blockchain software company ConsenSys clarified that it designs to only accumulate and maintain user IP addresses and wallet data for up to seven days. This is an endeavor to comfort users that their private information is being regulated securely after it saw a backlash when it first said it was compiling such data.

“We possess and delete user data such as IP address and wallet address under our data retention policy. We are working on restricting retention to 7 days and we will append these retention policies to our privacy policy in an upcoming update,” it said in a statement.

Last month, ConsenSys revamped its privacy procedure, stating that it collects IP addresses and wallet addresses of MetaMask users when they use the infrastructure assistance Infura, which is also owned by ConsenSys. Infura is the ruined way for MetaMask users to attach to the Ethereum blockchain.

This instantly sparked privacy considerations. The main one is that a variety of on-chain data, like blockchain addresses and transactions, and off-chain data, like IP addresses, could determine someone’s and reduce the amount of privacy obtainable on the web.

ConsenSys also said it aims to restrict data exhibition to on-chain transactions, not when users check their account equilibria. This would reduce the numeral of times this data is compiled.

Wrap up: ConsenSys summed up that it will make it comfortable for users to put in a third-party RPC provider in a fortune update to give users more intentions. This would make it comfortable for users to use alternative assistance to Infura and avoid ConsenSys’s data exhibition.

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