In 2023, Microstrategy Will Release Software Apps That The Btc Lightning Network Will Power

In 2023, MicroStrategy Will Release Software Apps That  The BTC Lightning Network Will Power

According to Michael Saylor,  MicroStrategy will run a new BTC Lightning Network that will go live in 2023.

As per WU, one of these applications, in particular, would be a Lightning Network browser. 

Executive Chairman Michael Saylor in recent Twitter Spaces announced. He stated that the business intelligence company would release Lightning Network-based software products. 

Earlier this year, U.Today reported that MicroStrategy sought to employ a BTC Lightning Software Engineer. A massive business analytics company then announced that it intended to create its own SaaS platform. Further, Bitcoin Lightning Network will support it. The objective is to make it possible for businesses to leverage innovative technologies. Thus, they can create Lightning Network use cases for e-commerce.

On December 28, MicroStrategy added to its holdings of the leading cryptocurrency. A total of 132,500 BTC are valued at close to $4 billion. MicroStrategy purchased 2,395 BTC yesterday. The fact that MicroStrategy has the largest holding of Bitcoin on its financial sheet has a fresh twist, though.

A business sold 704 Bitcoins for the first time earlier this month. It earned nearly $11.2 million from the deal. Besides, it’s odd that this sell-off happened, given that Saylor frequently asserted this year. MicroStrategy said that it would never sell any of its bitcoins. They intended to keep them for a minimum of a few years (A 10-year term was also considered.)

Co-founder Michael Saylor is no longer the company’s CEO, but he is still its executive chairman. In August, he decided to transfer this responsibility to a senior executive.

S.E Phong Le so that he could concentrate more on his company’s Bitcoin strategy. Despite MicroStrategy selling a small piece of its Bitcoin stockpile a week ago, he is still a proponent of the cryptocurrency.

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