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Leading Analyst Issues Warning To Shiba Inu Holders, Predicts Shib Hype To Increase In The Coming Weeks


A well-known cryptocurrency expert, who previously accurately predicted the end of Bitcoin’s bull run in 2021, now thinks that Shiba Inu (SHIB), the top meme token, might be on the brink of a bull market in the near future.

The analyst, who goes by the name of Pentoshi, shared his insights with his sizable Twitter following of 673,400 people, mentioning that SHIB appears to be gaining strength after breaking past its resistance level at $0.000013.

Twitter: Pentoshi

The crypto world is buzzing with excitement as the highly anticipated layer-2 upgrade for Shiba Inu, built on Ethereum just like Polygon, is about to make its grand entrance.

While the exact launch date has been kept under wraps, the team behind Shibarium has assured the community that a beta version is coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to experience the next level of Shiba Inu.

As of now, SHIB is thriving in the market, with a remarkable 10% increase in the past 24 hours, and currently trading at $0.000015.

Another exciting project that’s caught the attention of Pentoshi is the interoperable chain Polkadot (DOT). According to the crypto analyst, DOT is on track to reach its next milestone, its immediate resistance at $7.88.

Twitter: Pentoshi

As of the current moment, DOT is trading for $6.85.

Regarding Bitcoin, it appears that Pentoshi is expressing caution as the cryptocurrency is starting to display signs of weariness.

Despite attempts, it has not been able to surpass resistance at approximately $23,900 on two separate occasions.

Twitter: Pentoshi

As we examine the chart of Pentoshi, there appears to be a potential dip in the value of Bitcoin. Currently trading at $23,366, Pentoshi forecasts that the leading cryptocurrency may drop to the $20,500 range in the near future.

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