Mastercard Unveils Web3 Artist Accelerator On Polygon To Support Emerging Talent

Mastercard Unveils Web3 Artist Accelerator on Polygon to Support Emerging Talent

Mastercard and Polygon Join Forces to Help Emerging Musicians Leverage Web3 and NFTs for Success. The Web3 Artist Accelerator program would make it happen. 

Mastercard, the leading digital payments company renowned worldwide, has joined hands with Polygon. Both have announced their joint venture Web3 Artist Accelerator to help musicians and similar artists advance their careers. Herein, they would learn about how they can publish  NFTs for trade. Thus, they would not only build a digital presence but also connect them and build a network. Mastercard and Polygon would target artists, including musicians, DJs, and producers. Only five artists will be a part of it, and the program will commence in the early spring of 2023. 

They announced it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The venture will focus on instilling the skills of Web3 and, more precisely, NFTs. Crypto is the new trading game operating on decentralized finance. Yet, not many people are familiar with what exactly NFTs are. 

Looking at the other part of the story, artists will get greater exposure, recognition, and wealth. Besides, the Mastercard-Polygon venture for Web3 Artist Accelerator would also popularize the idea of NFTs and their trade. Moreover, the ones who are already familiar would be able to leverage it better, like in real estate NFTs and similar. An artist’s mind is creative, and they can bring out innovative ideas also. 

Starbucks, Disney, Prada, Adidas, and similar have already used Polygon for their blockchain activities. Mastercard has already ventured into the world of blockchain. It will be an incredible idea to make its mark in the blockchain industry.

Polygon, whose blockchain arrangement ensures speedy transactions, will again support a big brand with its Web3 campaign. No wonder it will be a boon to artists. It’s noteworthy that it would again depend upon who among the artists would become a part of it. Additionally, it would be worth seeing who would leverage the skills of the program. 

Mastercard and Polygon have not launched the Web3 Artist Accelerator. They have merely announced it. They are working towards it, and it raises curiosity to witness a musical innovation in Web3, especially NFTs.

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