The Open Network Blockchain Platform Sell Telegram'S Username Worth To $50 Million

The Open Network Blockchain Platform Sell Telegram’s Username Worth To $50 Million

Recently Telegram’s username was sold by open Network blockchain, worth $50 million US dollars.

One month before, CEO Pavel Durov gave the opportunity to its customers to buy a username. And recently, he declared that within one month, the company would sell about $50 million in usernames.

Buying Username By TON

Fragment is a blockchain-based platform on which users of Telegram buy the username. This ability was given in October. TON ( The Open Network ) is the platform where people can buy the username and secure their ownership.

The users buy the username by paying the company in TON cryptocurrency. In November, the company sold usernames worth $50 million. Have you bought it? Half of the telegram users had already bought their username and become the owner of it. This makes the owner verified and gives a permanent username to the buyer.

What Will Be The Next Step Of Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov

This step taken by Pavel has already created an enormous sensation among telegram users, and the company is working on another plan. This plan will also become a topic of discussion among the customers of Telegram. The owner revealed that soon new decentralization tools are going to be introduced. This includes wallet and exchange facilities, which will help them make successful and safe transactions. This also gives them a store for cryptocurrency exchange and transactions.

 The company’s primary aim is to decentralize the assets again so that users will avoid any problems related to their daily usage.

Wrap up: Are you excited to use the new tools of Telegram? Then soon, you will buy the username from the open blockchain platform.

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