Two Major Exchanges Wire 73.5 Million Xrp

Two Major Exchanges Wire 73.5 Million XRP

Whale Alert, a well-known cryptocurrency tracker, has recently detected two substantial XRP transactions from two major cryptocurrency exchanges, and Binance, to undisclosed wallets. 

Credits: WhaleAlert Twitter

Two Trading Behemoths Shovel $37 Million In Xrp

According to Whale Alert, has transferred 50 million XRP worth $25,409,675 to Binance, while Binance has moved 23.5 million XRP worth $11,783,643 through an internal transfer. These two trading giants have collectively transferred $37 million in XRP over the past 24 hours. Bithump, a renowned explorer focusing on XRP transactions, shared these details.

Credits: WhaleAlert Twitter

1 Billion XRP Withdrawn By Ripple

Ripple, a prominent fintech company, recently made a scheduled withdrawal from their escrow account, releasing an impressive 1 billion XRP. However, 700 million XRP were immediately re-locked after the withdrawal. 

Credits: XRP Escrow Bot Twitter

Ripple will utilize the remaining 300 million coins to meet its operational expenses, with some being sent to crypto exchanges and financial institutions, who are Ripple’s customers. According to CoinMarketCap, XRP’s current trading price stands at $0.5048.

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